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Magento Website Maintenance

So now you have you Magento e-commerce website designed you now have to maintain it and keep it running. This is no mean feat as Magento is a bit of a behemoth, it can consume a lot of resources if you let it, the log tables in the database almost seem to grow an an exponential rate! You will also encounter those dreaded “Critical” updates, it’s quite an involved process to apply update patches to Magento that requires ssh access to the server. You will also want to test those updates out before you apply them to your own website, with unforeseen consequences.

This is were iDigLocal can help. We have experience of managing and maintaining Magento websites and so can take all the hassle out of your hands. Choose from one of our website monitoring and maintenance packages to get piece of mind and let us keep your online business performing and bring in money.  The potential gains from running an e-commerce website can be large but it’s never going to happen if your website is not purring like a kitten.

We can set up live monitors for both your email server and your website to check upto every minute to see that it is still working and so we will be able to get on to fixing the problem as quickly as is possible. We can provide a managed Magento update service and also deal with search engine crawl errors, work on optimising your websites speed and its html mark-up, all important for SEO services.

To find out more please get in touch with our contact our Stroud based team of web designers.