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Hourly rate website maintenance

This service is designed for one off or occasional website work. So if you need new content added to your website or perhaps you would like a patch applied to your Magento website or perform a proper update of your WordPress website, getting us to check that it will work before you update then this will work for you. The types of works that we can do for you are:

  • Add new content
  • Move your website
  • Perform CMS updates
  • Add new website functionality
  • Add new website design elements
  • Move content from an old website to a new one
  • Check for search engine crawl errors
  • perform speed optimisation
  • Make your website mobile friendly
  • Local website Backups
  • Anything else…..

We charge for this type of occasional website work on an shifting hourly rate basis depending on the number of hours worked:

  • First 5 hours – £50hr + VAT
  • Hours 6-10 are charged at £40hr + VAT
  • Hours 11+ are charged at £35hr + VAT

We can also Quote for specific jobs. If you would like to get a quote for some work please get in touch.

We can perform all sorts of tasks with static websites, Drupal, Prestashop, Magento website maintenance services, Opencart, WordPress or anything else for that matter. You may have specific maintenance work you would like carried out or you may need advice on what the issues your website is currently experiencing and just need it fixed. We will be able to diagnose any problems and implement a solution.

This service works very well for one off website development jobs and for fixing problems after they have occurred but they are not so good for the long-term trouble free running of your website as there is no continual monitoring service so you may not no that there is a problem with your site until it is too late. It also requires you to have a more hands on approach to maintaining your website as you will need to notify us of what work you want done and when.

So for hassle free maintenance and the smooth running of your website we would suggest choosing one of our website monitoring an maintenance plans.