Website Maintenance

Running a website can be a time consuming exercise. It is a very important resource that your company owns for marketing and selling your services and products online. It is, therefore, very important that you make sure your website is accessible and working properly. This requires constant monitoring and also constant tweaks to remove errors, add content and make it run faster with content structured to best suite the search engines that you rely on so much.

The services that we offer can be loosely split into too camps:


iDigLoacl can monitor your website so that you know it is live

Website Up Monitoring

Is your website running?

The thing about websites is that you don’t know if there always available to your customers unless you visit them. So to make sure your website is accessible we can monitor it for you, constantly and let you know when it’s down.

Website maintenance managed CMS update services by iDigLocal Ltd of Stroud, Gloucestershire

CMS Updates

We can provide managed website updates

When you update your website CMS it can cause problems for your CMS theme or plugins. We can provide a managed update service, testing the update first on our development servers so that you can be sure there will be no problems.

Improve your SEO and lets us fix your crawl errors

Crawl Errors

We can detect and fix crawl errors

Search engines use bots/spiders to crawl your website for content. When a crawl error occurs the spider thinks there should be a page where a link points to but it gets an error response. Search engines see crawl errors and broken links as an indicator of poor user experience and so it is bad for SEO. We can search your site and fix these errors.

Let iDigLocal fix your sitemap errors to improve search engine indexing of your website

SiteMap errors

We can identify and fix sitemap errors

Sitemaps help search engines crawl and index your website. A properly working sitemap means that your pages will be indexed faster and more efficiently. Broken links in your sitemap can result in search engine spiders reporting bad user experience metrics and so can negatively impact your SEO strategy.

iDigLocal can improve your websites speed as part of our website maintenance packages

Website speed optimisation

Search engines like fast loading websites

Slowly loading websites are a pain for your visitors and search engines know this. We can make improvements to your websites performance, optimizing images and improving file loading protocols.

HTML & CSS improvements to increase website performance and SEO as part of our website maintenance packages

HTML & CSS improvements

HTML & CSS coding impacts site performance and SEO

How your website is built, the structure of the HTML used and the where styles are applied through CSS can have implications for your websites performance and also impact how search engines identify information on your site. We can perform an analysis of your websites build and make suggestions for improvements.

Let us update your conent or build you new functions for your website as part of our Website Maintenance packages

Website Maintenance

Set hr/pcm for us to update your website

Content is King as far as search engines are concerned but adding new content or updating old content can take time. Also you may want little tweaks to existing functionality or we could build you new functionality, it’s up to you. Our website maintenance packages can come with dedicated time by us to work on your website.

Transaction testing service as part of our website maintenance contracts

Transaction testing

Do you have a cart or contacts form, we can test that they work

Your website performs a function, whether it is simply to allow visitors to contact you or if it is so people can buy products from your e-commerce store. If these don’t work your website is not working. We can monitor these for your so you don’t loose business.