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Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a must for any company serious about exploiting the opportunities that having your own website brings. iDigLocal is a Pay Per Click campaign management company working out of Stroud, Gloucestershire. We offer a comprehensive PPC campaign management service that continually refines and adjusts your campaigns in order for your business to maximise Return On Investement (ROI) from pay per click campaigns. We specialise in Google Adwords campaign management services.

Why set up Pay Per Click Campaigns

There are a number of reasons for running PPC campaigns:

  1. They directly increase traffic to your website by visitors interested in your products and services
  2. They can indirectly increase organic search traffic through brand awareness, domination of the search page
  3. Information from PPC campaigns help to optimise On-page content for high rankings in organic searches

Pay per click, if managed correctly, forms a vital part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). As search engines make it more difficult to retrieve search query data using conventional website analytical tools used for tracking your website’s visitors PPC keyword data is a valuable source of information as to which keywords lead to website interactions and conversions. The information from PPC campaigns can therefore be used to help your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Additionally, pay per click campaigns allow you to compete with other, perhaps larger, companies to appear at the top of the first page for a search. It is possible to build marketing campaigns for your products and services and get direct feedback as to which aspects of the campaign increase your sales and leads. Armed with this you can increase the efficiency of your SEM campaigns to increase your ROI. There are not many forms of marketing which allow you so easily to discover how your campaign is doing and what steps you need to take to improve it.

Google Adwods Pay Per Click campaign management company

Why do you need our Pay per click campaign management services

So there are two reasons why iDigLocal PPC campaign management is a good idea:

  1. It saves your business time
  2. We know what we are doing
  3. We’ll save you money

It is very easy to set up a PPC campaign in Adwords and to populate it with ads and throw in some keywords but unless you know what you are doing the campaigns you run will be a mess, eating up valuable marketing budget with little to show for it.

iDigLocal have a systematic, data driven approach to PPC campaign optimisation.

The process starts by us talking to you to find out what your business goals are and to find out as much as possible about your products and services and your customers. We will also carry out a comprehensive website audit of your website and from this and the picture we have built up of your business we will structure a campaign and research keyword lists. Having identified your goals we will develop and implement the necessary code for conversion tracking that is so vital for pay per click campaign optimisation. We can set up and run Adwords camapaigns or Bing campaigns. Our main focus on managing Adwords PPC campaigns is that Google accounts for approximately 77% of searches globally, compared to about 8% for Bing. In the UK that jumps to about 84% for Google.

We don’t just set your campaigns up and then let them run, we operate an ongoing process of refinement and optimisation. Once a month we produce an analytical report of a number of campaign performance statistics so that you know what is currently happening. In the report we discuss the current state of the campaign, we set new optimisation goals and also make suggestions about new directions or additional work that should be done to help the campaigns move forward.

Graph showing the change in CPC over time for 3 Adwords PPC campaigns from our PPC campaign management reports
An example graph showing the change in CPC over time for 3 Adwords PPC campaigns from one of our clients PPC campaign management reports. You can see we brought the CPC down dramatically over a 3month period, increasing the number of clicks received for their budget. Campaign 1 needs some work next.

You can stop your PCC at any time, or adjust your daily budget (although mid-month changes can result in odd daily budget expenditures, it’s Google not us).

So if you want to get the most out of your Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising campaign get in touch an see how our PPC campaign management services can help you.