Search Engine Optimisation

iDigLocal offer a range of SEO services for Gloucestershire and beyond. Often people assume that once they have a website that is it,  but unfortunately just because you build it it does not mean people will come. We can perform an evaluation of your website and how you use it and identify possible solutions to improve your search page rankings. Some of these solutions can be quite simple, it could be a case of just advising you on best practice when adding content. So if you want to make  serious use of your website, get serious about SEO!

We can perform a free SEO audit of your website to identify major issues affecting the likelihood of top page rankings in search engines, this can include a comparison with your major competitors with regards to keywords and backlinks. Find out more...

The first step to SEO

In general the problems start by the fact that a lot of the time people don’t even know how many people are visiting their website! This is a big issue as if you are not tracking the numbers of visitors to your website and how they are finding it then how do you know whether your website is in need of SEO? You could be having 1 visitor a month or 10,000 but if you are not tracking website traffic how can you identify how to improve conversions from your website.

We can set up website analytical tools so that you can see who is visiting your website, how they are getting there, what they are doing when they get there and how many conversions or goals are met once people reach your website. Find out more...

Is your website built Search Engine Friendly?

The next thing to consider is whether  you website is built to be search engine friendly. You website may look all singing all dancing but underneath the hood it may not be taking full advantage of coding practices that enhance your contents visibility to search engines. Search engines see text, not all the pretty colours and images, and they use that text to index keyword content. This is a case of making sure that all your links, images and pages have certain coded content filled with relevant contextual information. So for example ensuring that if you have a nice picture of a product that there is also text content added to the code to say what the picture is of. For static websites this is a matter of hard coding, but for dynamic websites we can write code that automatically takes information set when links, pages or images are added and ensures that it is put in the right place.

We can also add microdata to your website, used by search engines to gleam more specific information about the page, such as that it is a page advertising a product, the product is made by a particular brand and costs a certain amount.

Why not let iDigLocal carry out a Free SEO audit of your website, it’s free and there are no obligations. Find out more...

Content is King

As search engines have moved away from simple keywords, what are called long tailed keywords are more important. That means good, well written content. Search engines like this. The other advantage is that it engages your visitors, prolonging the time spent on your website. It is also very important for inbound marketing and can lead to greater user interaction as they may be inclined to comment on or share your content.

Writing good content can take time though, time that most businesses do not have. We can do it for your and write good copy that will keep your visitors interested. Find out more...

Free Advertising

Social media, everybody knows about it, some people like it, some hate it but at the end of the day it provides a free platform from which to tell people about your products and services. Again it takes time to do and set up. We can help you both manage and post to you social media accounts, identifying which platforms are based suited to your business, provide direction on its use and help you drive traffic to your website using social media. Find out more...


Pay per click advertising can be a costly venture. It can be straight forward to set up PPC add campaigns on Google, for instance, but unless your set up your advertising campaigns correctly you can be paying for traffic to your website that is never going to result in conversions and is directed to your website for the wrong reasons. We can set up Pay Per Click advertising campaigns for you, including Google Shopping Campaigns and optimise those campaigns so that you get the best return on your investment. Find out more...

To find out more about SEO techniques please take a look at our guide to SEO.

Improve your website SEO by understanding your website traffic

Web Analytics

Find out who is visiting your website

Find out who is visiting your website and how often, track how visitors use your website and the number of conversions to identify your best SEO solutions.

HTML & CSS improvements to increase website performance and SEO as part of our website maintenance packages

HTML & CSS improvements

HTML & CSS coding impacts site performance and SEO

We can perform an analysis of your websites build and make suggestions for improvements to your use of HTML tags that are used by search engines to index the content of your website.

iDigLocal can write copy for your website to use in your content marketing strategy

Content Marketing

We can add content to drive traffic to your website

Content is King when it comes to SEO. Let us write quality content for you to use in your Content Marketing strategy. We can write posts to full blown technical articles.

iDigLocal can set up, manage and post content to your social media account for you

Social media management services

We can set up and manage your social media

Let us set up and manage your social media accounts for you. We can identify the appropriate platform, manage interactions and post content to them to drive traffic to your website.

PPC management services for Gloucestershire, including Google Shopping Campaigns

Pay Per Click management

Run optimised ppc campaigns to increase conversions

We offer a full PPC management service across platforms to maximise your return on investment, including Google Shopping campaigns to increase your conversion rate.