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Walkabout Wednesday

Are you having problems with your current website? Do you not understand how to use social media or even why you need to? Perhaps you would like to offer a new online service but are not sure of how to go about this? Our impression of a lot of small businesses is that their IT resources can  take a back seat over the immediate priorities of running a business.

Often when we meet with new clients or talk in general to business owners about their website or their use of social media they tell us about some problem they have but have not resolved due to a lack of time to find a professional web designer to discuss them with. Sometimes these problems can persist for a very long time and when they do try and resolve them they are often given inappropriate advice or sold unnecessary resources.

Another common issue is that people who now have a website paid over the odds for a website in the first place that doesn’t suite their purposes and they end up in all sorts of problems with access to their website and their hosting accounts. We spoke to a client the other day who spent >£15,000 for a website that doesn’t do what he wants and his web design company won’t give them access to make changes himself so that they can charge him each time.So even if you don’t currently have any IT problems why not invite us around for a chat about how you can get things started and avoid the pitfalls of unscrupulous Web design agencies.

We thought that as part of our services we should offer a facility by which we can give some free advice to local businesses about website design, internet marketing or website hosting and email. Now obviously this is done in part so that we can generate business, but that aside we do aim to genuinely help local business and hope that by giving local businesses in Stroud and Gloucestershire the opportunity to discuss their website and online marketing problems that we can help them find a solution or at the very least point them in the right direction.

What is Walkabout Wednesday

So we thought that we would give the notion of “Walkabout Wednesday” a go. Initially we thought we might limit this to the Stroud area (we don’t want to spend too much money on petrol). What we plan on doing is to  go out and about to visit local businesses on Wednesdays and ask if they have any IT issues that they need help with. We probably won’t be able to do it every Wednesday, we will have to see how it goes.

The upshot is, if you live around Stroud and would like to discuss an issue with your website, social media or website hosting then please get in contact with iDigLocal to arrange a visit. You can of course send us a message via our Twitter, Google+ or Facebook page. Tell us who you are, what your problem is and a good time to call in. We are always happy to discuss any web-based issues you are having.