WordPress Theme Development

iDigLocal provide custom WordPress website design services. Why get a custom WordPress theme developed? From our years of experience using off-the-shelf WordPress themes is that they are designed to be all things to all people, which invariably means they are not very good for everybody.

The Advantages for having your own WordPress website design

  1. Faster as less reliant on bloated 3rd party plugins
  2. Improved security as the WordPress development is a one-off
  3. Better for SEO, themes are generally poor at this
  4. Custom WordPress theme functionality (we can make it do what ever you want)
  5. It’s “Custom WordPress website design”, it doesn’t have to look like everybody else’s!

Generally speaking, they are heavily reliant on 3rd party plugins. The result is that they can be very slow and sluggish, depending upon how well the plugins are written. They can also be prone to security breaches. They off-the-shelf WordPress themes usually use common plugins that, due to their popularity, are targeted by hackers for vulnerabilities. We can develop custom WordPress theme that is Fast and Secure.

We have also found, despite claims by theme designers, that a lot of common themes are not SEO ready. Firstly there is the speed issue, search engines don’t like slow websites. Secondly, a lot the correct SEF (Search Engine Friendly) coding practices are not incorporated into the WordPress theme development. Our custom WordPress websites are designed to be fast and Search Engine Friendly, as well as fully responsive.

One of the main things about having a bespoke WordPress theme developed for you business is that we can build into the design custom WordPress functionality. We are experienced WordPress developers. This is of benefit on two levels. Firstly we can build complex site functionality like Booking systems, Directories or WordPress e-commerce Websites. We can also make the addition of content types as easy as filling out a form. For example, case studies or projects that you would like displayed in a consistent format on the front end.

And, Lastly, but not least, your website does not have to look like everybody else’s. Most common WordPress themes are built using common website design frameworks. For example something called “Bootstrap” is commonly used by web designers. Not only is this very bloated, using a lot of code (making websites slow) all the websites end up looking extremely similar. Looking the same as everyone else can be good, but standing out from the crowd is better. There are so many websites now, in every sector, that you need your website to be memorable! Getting your custom WordPress theme designed means that together we can come up with a design that looks good and is unique.

So if you are tired of wrestling with your sitebuilder?, if you are being held to ransom by your web designers every time you want to add new content to your website?, if adding new content to your website become a very difficult task?, or you need your website to do more? Well, we at iDigLocal can help!

Ask about Custom WordPress theme development

Why not contact iDigLocal to discuss your companies needs so that we can give you the website you have always wanted and take the hassle out of managing your website. For the complete solution we can also monitor and maintain your website for you.