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WordPress IPTC meta data preservation plugin

WordPress is very useful for managing a website and easily adding content but it does have some little quirks that can be a problem. One of these comes about in relation to WordPress’s media upload ability. When you upload an image to WordPress it will create several different versions of the image: Thumbnail; Medium; Large. It is these new image sizes which tend to be used in WordPress themes.

Wordpress IPTC plugin to maintain copyright information on image import

Now the WordPress media uploader is very useful but it does have one draw back, If you have created original content and you want to assign copyright and source information to your image when it is uploaded this meta data is not copied over to the new images. In the creative industries this can be a problem.

Perhaps you are a photographer using displaying your photos on your WordPress website, well unless you are displaying the original photo on your page the image will contain no information ascribing authorship or copyright. This is also a problem if you are a designer and you have been creating nice graphics for your website.

So you can see that this can be a great problem and can even result in loss of income. In order to get around this we have created a WordPress plugin that will copy IPTC meta data from .JPG images over to the new versions of the images that the WordPress media uploader creates.

This functionality can be easily added to your WordPress site with our Plugin but please bear in mind that due to some limits in PHP image handling it only currently works for IPTC meta data on JPG files. Exif data is not meant to be written over and other file formats do not natively support IPTC data.

If you are worried about the integrity of your image meta data then get in touch with iDigLocal and we can discuss how we can help. We generally only deal with bespoke solutions so that you get exactly what you want and need for your website. The WordPress IPTC meta data preservation plug-in is not available for download from any repository as yet so you will have to contact us for further information, we are always willing to help.