Shopify Website design

Shopify Website design

Shopify is a popular e-commerce solution due to the ease of adding new functionality, it is good to go right out of the box. People can find It is difficult to manage content but with Shopify’s Online Store 2.0 that has become a lot easier.

We can update your stores theme to make use of the Online Store 2.0 making it easier to add blocks/sections to pages other than the home page. We can then make new custom sections and new template files for you to style the content of your website as you want, on the fly, on all pages.

What are the advantages of Shopify?

The general advantage of Shopify are that it is very easy to get a store up and running.

  • Very easy to set up
  • No additional technical overheads as hosting is part of the set up
  • Secure – PCI compliant with SSL built in and no need to worry about server updates
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Mobile ready
  • Lots of Apps (although generally not free)

The main down side is that there is an ongoing cost that can make it more expensive that traditionally hosted services. Also it is a slight black box. A lot of functionality is hidden so there can be limits to what you want to do. Some of these limits are reduced if you upgrade your plan (more money!). But saying that there is generally a work around, just not always.

Online Store 2.0

They launched the new interface in June 2021. The greatest advantage is that you can add sections and blocks using the page editor UI to additional page templates. So for example you can create different product templates and then add different custom sections to those different templates. his means you can have a better branded, and context dependent content across your site.

There is also added functionality for metafields meaning that you can create more dynamic content based on custom metafields.

Basically it allows developers like us to create a more individual, branded site for your business.

Need help with Shopify?

So if you have an existing shopify store that you want to update or you need help in setting up a shopify store or a custom shopify theme then we can help. Just get in touch with our team of shopify experts and we can put you on the right path