Magento Web Design

Magento Website Design

So do you have a Magento website? Or have you decided that Magento is the way to go. If so we at iDigLocal can help with our Magento Web Design services.

We have all manner of experience with Magento, from custom design, custom module building and Magento migrations.

If you are not sure take a look at the different e-commerce website systems we can build.

Magento Website Design

There is no denying it, Magento is a bit of a beast. However iDigLocal has many years of experience of Magento web design and so have the knowledge to build a your e-commerce store for you.

We are able to either customise and brand off-the-shelf templates or build Magento themes from scratch. We can also either provide a server for your Magento installation or advise on your server requirements. Shared hosting is not really an option with Magento anymore, especially since its move to using Elastic Search for product search queries. So think Dedicated Cloud Servers if you want Magento.

Magento Module Design

As with all website CMSs whilst there are often a myriad of bundled functionality you will often find that certain functions are not provided as standard. Sometimes suitable modules can be found on the Magento Market Place, but not always. This is where iDigLocal Come in.

We are able to design and build custom modules to suite your businesses needs. These can range from simply including custom blocks within your existing website set up to display custom content or it can be to manage data flow between different systems, like a CRM or another data feed. We can build custom product import functionality, add custom attributes and related functions and essentially, what ever you need.

So if you want to take your Magento installation to the next level and improve work flows please get in touch to ask how iDigLocal can help.

Magento Module Devlopment

Magento Migration

So one of the main issues a lot of existing Magento web site owners face is migration between different versions of Magento. This is especially and issue if you are still running a 1.x version of Magento and need to move to 2.4.

Magento migrations come with their own set of problems. This is especially true if you are reliant on custom modules that have their own data structure which then changes between Magento versions. But no need to worry. We are able to customise the migration process to capture those changes migrating your existing data to the new format.

We can also update old code to new.

At the end of the day, the possibilities are limitless. We have the in-house knowledge and skills to make your plans happen.