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iDiglocal web design Stroud are a professional web development company based in Gloucestershire. If you want to have your own website or you want to upgrade your existing website we can help you in either case.

Our team of web designers can design and build websites from the simplest brochure websites to the more complex e-commerce website development. We will take you through the whole process, offering guidance on and suggestions for branding, graphic design and textual content – all with a view to getting your website high up the rankings of search engines like Google & Bing.

Why not take a look at our website design Portfolio!

So how does iDigLocal differ from other web design services?

  • One of our main differences is that once built, there are no other fees, apart from your annual hosting and domain registration unless you want to sign up to a website maintenance service.
  • You keep control of your assets. We provide you with all the access you need to keep control of your assets so that you are free to choose how you manage your website. So, you are not forced to pay us every time you want to make a change and you’re not held to ransom.

In the end it is a no-brainer, why pay for a website and then pay £30-£50 every month to a web design agency when they have nothing to do. So go with iDigLocal and pay for what you need!

Our team’s experience encompasses software development, website design, database design and sales. We have experience with Javascript & JQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and much more besides. All our website development includes responsive website design and Search engine friendly coding practises, including Schema.org coded mark-up, which Goggle really likes.

So if you want to set up an e-commerce website, an estate agents website, take bookings for your hotel or restaurant or show off your work get in touch and we can help you choose the right solution for you that will fit with your budget.  

Web design services

friendly and local website design for gloustershire
Affordable website design services for Stroud, Gloucestershire
Your flexible gloucestershire website design company

Our web development team, broadly speaking, offers 3 different packages, simple brochure websites, Basic wordpress websites or bespoke, custom built websites.

This offering means that we can provide your business with the website it needs within your budget. Our payment terms are flexible, taken in installments, to reduce the load on your cash-flow. We will come visit you and discuss with you what your goals are for your website and then offer an number of possible solutions. Or come and visit us in our office.

We are not reliant on 3rd party website templates unlike most web design companies, which are often poorly built both from a security and SEO perspective, and can build & design websites to address your businesses specific needs.

Once we know what you want the web design process will take into account your brand and your target market.

If you have specific online services that you need to provide, such as an ecommerce website, account management or bookings we can build this additional functionality for you. Again iDigLocal Web Design is not reliant on 3rd party plugins. We can develop Modules and Plugins for WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal and any other content management system and so can build what ever functionality you want.

Arrange a chat and see how iDigLocal Website design, Stroud, can help you get your business noticed.

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