WordPress Theme Development

Are you tired if wrestling with your sitebuilder?, are you being held to ransom by your web designers every time you want to add new content to your website?, has adding new content to your website become a very difficult task?, do you need your website to do more? Well, we at iDigLocal can help!

Why not let iDigLocals team of web designers create you your own custom WordPress theme? The advantages of using WordPress are numerous but the thing that you will find great is that we can make it so easy for you to add new content and pages to your website, it will be as simple a filling out a short form: Title, Content and a picture. That’s all there is to it. You would not have to pay anybody to do it for you and it can take a matter of minutes to add a new page.

So for example, if you regularly want to add case studies or testimonials of previous work we can create custom page types that will have fields for content like a quote and an image together with the client  or project details. Then all you have to do is fill out the form and press Publish. It will then be automatically added to your website in the correct spot and the content will be displayed in the same way as all your other testimonials, no need for formatting.

The other advantage of letting us design a WordPress website for you is that we can tailor the way you add content so it exactly fits in with the way your business services are structured. For instance, we can create custom page types for your specific types of products and add custom attributes and specifications. We can also add great new functionality, for instance, if you run an e-commerce site we can write a wordpress plugin that will automatically generate an XML feed so that you can automatically insert your products into your Google merchant account.

Why not contact iDigLocal to discuss your companies needs so that we can give you the website you have always wanted and take the hassle out of managing your website. For the complete solution we can also monitor and maintain your website for you and if you run an e-commerce website we can set up transaction monitoring to make sure that your checkout process is working all the time, if it isn’t we can fix it.