Plugin Development

WordPress is a great content management system, it makes it very easy for you to manage existing content on your website and add new pages. However, the power of WordPress goes much further than this. WordPress is built in a way that allows you to add new functionality to your website in a modular way by adding plugins. There are lots of plugins for wordpress, most of which are free to download and install, that can add functionality like turning your website into an e-commerce site, helping you SEO your website, adding new types of bespoke page types like products or events to make it even easier to add and manage different content types to your website.

For instance perhaps you want some shortcodes added to your WordPress theme to allow you to easily add formatted content to your posts from the back end, maybe you would like an audio player on your website and would like to be easily able to add an audio player to your pages. A common reason for a plugin is to add unique content types like gigs or events to your website. This type of plugin adds what is called a custom post type. From the admin area of wordpress you can then add a new “Gig” and fill out fields specific to a “Gig” like location, time etc… These fields are then presented on the front end in a specific manner for instance the location information could be turned into a QR code. Plugins can also be used to add new WordPress widgets to your theme, perhaps a bespoke search widget or a image slider widget. The possibilities are endless.

In addition to our WordPress theme development services iDigLocal can help you add extra functionality to your website by building WordPress plugins for your website.

Examples of some of the plugins that we have developed include:

If you are interested in the plugins listed above or you want some new functionality for your WordPress website why not contact iDigLocal and we can try and make your life easier.