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iDigLocal - your home for web design and web marketing

iDigLocal is a web design and web marketing company based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. We provide a comprehensive range of online solutions particularly structured for local businesses.

iDigLocal - Domain name registration and website hosting

Buy a web domain and host your new website with iDigLocal. We offer competitive rates for website hosting and domain name registration, allowing you to make the most of the online market place.

iDigLocal - web design and wordpress theme development

We also offer a web design and web site building service giving you the complete solution for online business opportunities. We can can build you a e-commerce, brochure or blogging website. We specialise in developing Wordpress CMS websites.

iDigLocal - social media marketing and search engine optimisation

If you don't have the time, why not let us help you promote your business through social networking sites like twitter and facebook with are social media marketing services. Perhaps you need SEO services, we can search engine optimise your website for you.

iDigLocal - Contact the iDIgLocal team of web designer

iDigLocal offers a complete suite of services to help you take advantage of the internet, we are a one stop shop. Find out more - drop us an e-mail, give us a call.

iDigLocal, as the name suggests, is geared towards local business needs, the needs of small businesses. Although primarily we focus on Gloucestershire based business we also have clients further afield.

So what do we do? iDigLocal provides a whole host of services but all of them are about helping your company make the most of the internet. We can design and build your website for you, register your domain names, provide website hosting and help you use social media and internet marketing techniques to promote your business.

So what makes iDigLocal different from other web design companies in Gloucestershire? Well in the first instance we are affordable, we try and offer the best prices we can. Secondly we try and operate with some sense of morals. For instance we won't keep control of your website. You pay us for a product, website design. Once you have paid us we will put the website where ever you want it. Either we can host it for you or you can host it somewhere else. You will own and control access to your website files not us. We will also build the website in such away as to make it easy for you to add new content and manage existing content.

So whether you want a static brochure website, an all singing all dancing e-commerce wordpress website theme, you want to make you website mobile compatible we can do it for you.

Why not give us a ring or drop us an email, there is no charge for just talking and we are always willing to offer advice.

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